On March 1, more than 90 officers and representatives from U.S.-flag shipping companies, American maritime labor unions and related maritime organizations and associations came to Capitol Hill for the eighth annual Maritime Industry Congressional Sail-In. The maritime industry leaders met with Senators, Representatives and staff in 131 Congressional offices. They discussed the importance of the U.S.-flag merchant marine to our Nation’s economic, military and homeland security, providing these Congressional offices with the most up-to-date information about the programs and policies that enable the U.S.-flag merchant marine to continue to meet the commercial sealift requirements of the Department of Defense. Most importantly, they emphasized that as our Nation dedicates its efforts to Buy American and Hire American, it must also ensure that American cargo is Shipped American as another means to increase employment and to bolster our economy.

Look inside for a summary and more detailed explanation of the important maritime industry issues, policies and programs that were discussed with Members of Congress and their staffs during the 2017 Maritime Sail-In.